zaterdag 14 april 2012

... Rehearsing

The Beatles rehearsing the backing track of "Rain" at E.M.I. Studio Three, 14th April 1966.
George is playing bass (although the actual bass for "Rain" was recorded two days later by Paul).

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  1. Great studio photos - I've never seen these before.

  2. Second recording session for "Paperback Writer", E.M.I. Studio Three, 14th April 1966. Harrison plays a Burns Nu-Sonic bass guitar.

  3. They are rehearsing the backing track of "Rain", which would be recorded in this session. This was after mixes of "Paperback Writer" were done at Control Room Three (the photograph with Mick Jagger). The actual bass guitar for "Rain" was recorded on te 16th April 1966 by McCartney.

    1. Thank you, this is very interesting! I've added the info you provided to the caption.